The Stourbridge Squash Open 2019


The Stourbridge Squash Open 2019 - Graded Tournament

The second instalment after such a success last year. In conjunction with St Patrick's day and the Six Nations we have a weekend jam packed of sports and Saturday night entertainment.

This event will be run on the weekend of the 16th to 17th of March 2019 with the grades:

A Grade (16 places) - Players in the PSA, County Premier or 1st Division League Team (Squash Levels: 4000+)

B Grade (16 places) - Players in a County League 2nd or 3rd Division League Team (Squash Levels: 1800-3999)

C Grade (32 places) - Players in a County League 4th or 5th or Lower Division League Team (Squash Levels: 800-1799)

D Grade (16 places) - Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 0-799)

~~~~~ The Squash ~~~~~

Graded Tournament A - D played over the Saturday and Sunday.

A and B are limited to 16 players, C is limited to 32 players, and D is limited to 16 players.

There will be plate events in each category.

~~~~~ St Patrick's Day ~~~~~

As it is St Patrick's weekend we couldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate. Drinks offers will be running all weekend, going to try and whistle up some food and entertainment for the Saturday night.

Food will be served throughout the Friday evening and all day Saturday.

~~~~~ 6 Nations ~~~~~

Saturday is also 6 Nations Finals Day! A day of Rugby alongside Squash is what dreams are made of, so if you're looking for a change from the squash, then pop up to the bar and get BLASTED!

~~~~~ Entries ~~~~~

Entries will be made through when we have the event up and running. Entry fee will be around £20, including a tournament t shirt. We are currently working with the entertainment to see whether there will be a slight cost or if it can be subsidised, so hold tight!

~~~~~ Accommodation ~~~~~

Stourbridge now boasts a new Premier Inn. Unfortunately local lad Lenny Henry doesn't work there, but I'm going to have a word and see if there is a block booking we can do depending on interest. Otherwise there are plenty of other local gems dotted about.

Entries close on Sunday 10th March 2019

Jake Eden (Tournament Organiser)

Received Entries: (THIS LIST IS UPDATED MANUALLY! Last Updated: 11/03/2019 @ 1:50pm)

A Grade

1. Oscar Hill (Horncastle)
2. Kieran Hillman (Redland)
3. Mark Toseland (Riverside)
4. Alex Stojanovic (Wolverhampton)
5. George Snow (Stourbridge)
6. Oliver Rawlins (Stourport)
7. Jack Turney
8. Jordan Langdon-Bates (Boughton Park)
9. Ryan Picken (Solihull)
10. James Ryan (East Gloucestershire)
11. Robert Harrison (Darlington)
12. Adam Granger (Stourport)
13. Matt Boal (East Gloucestershire)
14. John Parkes (Barnt Green)
15. Sam Osborne-Wylde (Barnt Green)
16. Mike Edwards (Edgbaston Priory)

B Grade

1. Matthew Lidington (Brighton)
2. Rob Nayman (Shrewsbury)
3. Mark Dolphin (Stourbridge)
4. Roxy Keshavarz (Wolverhampton)
5. Jodie Hodgkins (Wolverhampton)
6. Elaine Radcliffe (Wolverhampton)
7. Alex Whitehouse (Wolverhampton)
8. Jason Edwards (Stourbridge)
9. Steve Hunter (Stourbridge)
10. Len Granger (Barnt Green)
11. John Cartwright (Barnt Green)
12. Karl Becker (Wolverhampton)
13. Andrew Wilson (Banbury) 
14. Paul Greenwood (Barnt Green)
15. Jamie Barnett (Barnt Green)
16. Chris Raybould (Stourbridge)
Res 1. Mark Bates (Boughton Park)
Res 2.
Res 3.

C Grade

1. Ricky Hunt (Stourbridge)
2. Robbie Coils (Hithercroft)
3. Ben Quinn (Stourbridge)
4. Toby Quinn (Stourbridge)
5. Oli Martin (Stourbridge)
6. Evie Edwards (Stourbridge)
7. Rich Cattell (Stourbridge)
8. James Frost (Stourbridge)
9. Tim Pritchard (Stourbridge)
10. Steve Aldred (Stourbridge)
11. Simon Beresford (Stourbridge)
12. Andy Sinton (Stourbridge)
13. Stephen Denley (Stourbridge)
14. Pete Bailey (Stourbridge)
15. Martin Baker (Halesowen)
16. Anthony Arnold (Malvern Active)
17. Anthony Ness (Nunnery Wood)
18. Gaven Nichols (Club Kingswood)
19. Andrew Dunn (Stourbridge)
20. David Finnegan (Stourbridge)
21. Oliver Beard (Stourport)
22. Anya Stojanovic (Wolverhampton)
23. Martin Bowd (Stourbridge)
24. Tim Clarke (Barnstaple)
25. Oliver Clarke (Nunenry Wood)
26. Nathan Boyd (Oasis Swindon)
27. Oliver Parker (Malvern Active)
28. Jez Clarke (Malvern Active)
29. Chris Hawken (Boughton Park)
30. Ollie Grosvenor (Stourbridge)
31. James Newhill (Stourbridge)
32. Christian Garrington (Stourbridge)

D Grade

1. Adam Dawes (Wolverhampton)
2. Aubrey Grosvenor (Stourbridge)
3. Lucy Corrigan
4. Jim Clarke (Barnstaple)
5. Jack Barnett (Barnt Green)
6. Dylan Beard (Stourport)
7. Ethan "Beef" Deeley (Stourbridge)

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